About the Show

Record Party, hosted by Marty Finestone, is a podcast that celebrates all things related to vinyl records!


Record Party's theme of celebrating all things related to vinyl records as a gateway to compelling and passionate conversations with a range of interesting humans (e.g. musicians, members of the Instagram #vinylcommunity, record store owners, audio equipment manufacturers, record collectors, etc.), and a healthy dose of "Marty only" monologues.


Record Party is like that feeling you get when you randomly come across a used record shop, multiplied by your pulse when sifting through dollar bins, plus the square root of coloured vinyl and all to the power of 11. AND it will smell at least 7 times better than plastic record sleeves.

About Marty Finestone

Hi, I'm Marty Finestone. I've been actively collecting records since 2006 and passively collecting them since the late 90's. What do I mean by passively? Well, long before I had a turntable of my own (my parents still had theirs, but it didn't work too well), I would once or twice a year pickup a new or used record that I thought would be good to have. This mostly consisted of U2 records, which in retrospect I'm glad I did, because I have 12" singles of Discotheque, Mofo, Elevation and a couple of others.

It's been a while since I've counted the number of records that I have. I would, however, estimate that around 350 12" and about 50 7" and 10" records. On top of those, I have joint custody with a friend of about 140 12" records that we got at a charity shop. I keep my records on Ikea Expedit cabinets (this is pre-Kalax) and they are currently organized in a crazy hybrid with genres, with some, like Rock, subdivided by decade, and favourite artists (U2, Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen) given their own slots. It's on my to do list to revamp this to a much simpler, and saner, alphabetical approach with separate slots for various artists and soundtracks. 

My current setup is:

  • Marantz NR1602 network receiver (with built-in DAC)
  • Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Genie
  • Nagaoka MP-110 moving magnet cartridge
  • NAD PP-2e preamp
  • Paradigm Atom Monitor v6 speakers

Music has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. Back when CD's were a thing, I had hundreds, maybe even over a thousand. Columbia House and BMG helped in that regard. I did campus radio during my undergraduate university days (shout out to CHRW at Western University).